Anthropos Festival

13.06.2019 - 18.06.2019

Upgrade Festival (für nächstes Jahr)

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Ashwell Rd
England SG7 5JX Baldock, Hertfordshire
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Info: Anthropos Festival invites you to the forest and the fields, out into nature: to re-wire yourself to the source. From an ancient seed an unforgettable and unique tribal celebration is growing. Join us in a celebration of all of humanity throughout all time: past, present and future. Together we will explore the unique nature of our consciousness - our drive to create beauty through the arts and music, combined with our innate ability to gain wisdom through introspection.
u.a. mit akasha experience, alterra project, amaluna, ambient fraggle, ayo, bad tango, basslayer, bayawaka, broken eye, brujo's bowl, clozee, desert dwellers, divisiblemarlin, dj iah, dj shakti, dreamfaerie, echoes like dust, entheogenic, false identity, firefarm, geoglyph, globular, gonewest, hedflux, indigospirit, jeremy's aura, johnny blue, katty grooves, keepers brew, kukan dub lagan, kwah, land switcher, lorraine, monk3ylogic, mouldy soul, naan, neurodriver, opale, ott., oversoul, quanta, robin triskele, selecta alice, silas neptune, snowdrop, solar fields, spinney lainey, strange antiquark, symbolico, terra nine, tint, unconscious mind(s)