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Worldmusic, Irish Folk

Ungarn 1014 Budapest

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The aim of the M.É.Z. band’s formation in 1988 was to play Scottish and
Irish music mostly unknown at that time in Hungary. Years of persistent
activity and the opportunity of being the warm-up band of Jethro Tull at
its show in Budapest 1993 made M.É.Z. the most popular and best
known “Celtic” band in the Hungarian showbiz.

The first CD entitled “Best of M.É.Z.” appeared in 1995 as a compilation
of the first seven years’ pieces, the second one “Soyez Mysterieuses” was
partially used as an appendix for an English language book.

Step by step the M.É.Z.’s own particular style developed by getting away
gradually from traditional playing, including other kinds of music(Gypsy,
Balcanic,Hungarian,etc.) to diversify further the Scottish and Irish
music in the way of keeping its entertaining character while playing very
exigently. The unique experience was the edition of “A Dublini Úton”(The
Rocky Road to Dublin) in 1998 on which the popular Celtic tunes were
sung in Hungarian for the first time in the World. They were translated
and adapted by László Földes “Hobo”, one of the leading stars of
Hungarian blues.
The most artistic album “The Fairies” came out in 2000. The band was
touring a lot for the publicity of this CD and recorded a concert show
film at the top event of this tour in Budapest at the Vigadó Hall(Redoute)
in 2001. Our editors idea was to make a remixes of some of the greatest
hits of the M.É.Z. in cooperation with popular artists and composers of
the genre so “Lemézlovasok” appeared in 2001 as well.

In the foregoing 15 years of existence of the M.É.Z. several changes in
the composition of membership served the evolution of the band’s
sounding. The continuity is represented by the vocalist Henrik Kuklis
who founded the M.É.Z. in 1988.

The first LIVE recording of M.É.Z., entitled "T

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