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hanuman tribe

Breakbeat, Electro, Drum & Bass

Deutschland 86157 Augsburg

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we are two brothers and our intention is to perform rollin` breakbeat and eclectic drum`n bass live. we draw our inspiration from a vast variety of styles. what matters is pure musical energy and driving impulses which directly go into your feet and explode on the dance floor.

humbalding weftbeefer wrote,
"with HANUMAN TRIBE the two musicians LILIJAN and ORCHIDAN WAWORKA present intricate and pumping productions of their own, live remixes of classics and a moving live performance. always open for surprising and peculiar experiments their electronic sets are influenced from funk to dub and asian vibes to balkan beats. all weapons allowed, their main aim is to make the crowd freak out and that is what you feel for real: both of them love and live what they do."

damn, thats exactly what we do - party with the crowd and keep the party rockin` till the morning comes. BO!

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