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Unspoken Logic

Screamo, Post-Hardcore, Alternative Rock

Luxemburg 4443 Belvaux

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Unspoken Logic is a five-pieceband from Luxembourg, founded in November 2003. It is formed by 2 powerful guitars, bass, drum and vocalist supported by background vocals. We immediately started to write our own songs, adding to Luxembourg’s music scene our own style, which is a mixture of Hardcore, Screamo and rhythmic chords. So you get some real loud powerful parts alternating with emotional melodic phrases. When the band was founded in 2003, it first contained three members, but soon the band reached its finalcomposition of 5 motivated musicians. Since 2005 it began to be serious and we started playing a lot of shows all around Luxembourg. Starting as a garageband, we moved soon from room to room to get better conditionsto release and to produce songs and we finally got a pratice room at the Rockhal (Belval). In the year 2006 we played several festivals, like the screaming fields of sonic love festival ll (at Rockhal) and we got filmed by TangoTV. We also made other connexions in the year 2007 to media in sort of articles in magazines like Skratch Magazine and its compilation CD (My personal Tragedy on it). Its a Magazine distributed at the Wharped Tour in California. And also an article and compilation CD in the greeque Magazine MyFreeMusicMagazine was the result one week after the Scratch Magazine. We were chosen as the VIP Band of the month. In the year 2008 the Rockhal selected us to give the luxemburgish Magazine Telecran an interview concerning the description of the luxemburgish music scene.

We have played a lot of shows until now such as smaller gigs in cafes but also bigger Festivals ( Never Ever Festival, Screaming Fields of Sonic Love Festival ll, Innocent Festival l + ll, and a lot more). On stage we performed with luxemburgish bands such as Mutiny on the bounty, Eternal Tango, dEFDUMp, Fast Friday, Ewerwaiting Serenade, Infect, etc. and international bands such as Once a demon, L.T.Mosh, Escapado, Alarma Man, Left Hand Path, Kill kim Novak, A Lost Fear, stentor, and many more!
For the futur we are trying to get bigger concerts and to play as much shows as possible, to promote and sell our first CD which is called "Sunshine between the leaves" containing 8 powerfull but also emotional songs that’ve recorded in very good quality in a private studio

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