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UnHuman Insurrection

Industrial Metal, Thrash Metal

Italien  Monselice

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UnHuman Insurrection is an italian metal band formed in 2016, risen from the ashes of “Burn of Black” (one EP published in 2013). UHI identity is an impact of a powerful mix characterized by an aggressive and harsh sound, blended with melodic vocals which emphasize the sonorities. The band steps into the music scenario with the full length named “EQUILIBRIUM?”. The album is the personal outcome of the individual maturation process every band member came across, breeding their new identity born by the union of the heavy rhythmic patterns typical of Industrial Metal, the violence of Thrash, topping them with clean melodic vocals, like it’s rarely done and expected in such cases. The core of “Equilibrium?” finds its perfect expression thanks to the production by DysFUNCTION team, in cooperation with Giuseppe Bassi and Eddy Cavazza. The album’s name is purposefully chosen and entirely represents the band’s mood and soul to date, besides describing the thin balance hanging between opposite styles, until they finally mix and find their strength and solidity.