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Third Realm

Dark Electro, Industrial, Dark Wave

USA 14225 Buffalo

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Darkwave atmospheres, industrial beats and electronic sequences. Several radio stations and night clubs have featured Third Realm enabling the emotions of this sincere project to reach the souls of the underground community. Frequently labeled as the best kept secret of the industrial scene, increased attention is sweeping towards Third Realm, which is the brainchild of Nathan Reiner. Injecting emotional experiences into tortured musical arrangements is the primary formula behind the audio mayhem. Backed by the ability to create genuine moods through sound, Third Realm struck a cord with film producers landing songs in films such as `A Perfect Fit` and `DarkPlace`.

Third Realm has been remixed by some of the more well known artists of the industrial scene (Razed in Black, System Syn, Mindless Faith, Val Cain). But more importantly, they have given us an EP and three full length albums that demonstrate strong songwriting skills, musical diversity, and consistent attention to detail vocally, musically, and production wise

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