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The Dry Tortugas

Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Rock & Roll

Deutschland 12103 Berlin


Berlin based Rockabilly guys Felix & Marc (LOTA RED) and Tom (THE ROUGHNECKS) got together in a secret cave during the pandemic and founded a new band - The Dry Tortugas!

Together with the very young, very talented Robin on upright bass (who plays as if he had done nothing else but slap the bass since his childhood), they are now opening a new musical chapter in Berlin`s traditional Rockabilly scene.

What do they do, how do they sound? Fast, modern and melodic Rockabilly, up-lifting and straight forward! If you like the Neo-Rockabilly sound of the 80s and 90s, you`re in for a real treat, but be prepared for an extra kick of modern sound. It`s not retro, it`s progress.

 Hilfe-Popup Booking: Felix del Rio

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