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Thrash Metal

Deutschland 71573 Allmersbach

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Short Bio
In the small village of Allmersbach near Backnang, surrounded by brass music and gospel choir, something new must come.
The band Susurro was raised on the day of the work on 1.5.2019 from the baptism.
Jack Skaner has done many banding experiences and has played with many other bands.
Winzent and Mr.Six were very excited about Jack`s energy and idea and immediately joined the band.
Without further ado, the band Susurro was founded. That`s how we work on the first album. The first single "No Way Out" will officially be released on 9.8. Released. Released.
Susurro`s music gives a fat thrash metal sound with electronic influences: Jack Skaner, who founded the band in 2019, is the band`s head and composes the songs in his homestudio in Allmersbach in the valley near Stuttgart. Hard and loud, sometimes bluesy entry. Jack Skaner plays guitar and sings.