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Signs Of Algorithm


Belgien  Maldegem, Bruges, Ghent

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Signs Of Algorithm is a Belgian Metalcoreband. Basically, an algorithm is a mathematical term to become a solution out of different parts. “Whilst making our music we go through a similar process. We combine different genres, different patterns, different influences to build new songs.” The band name is directly connected to the creation of their very own music. That’s the story behind Signs Of Algorithm.

After 4 years of existence, the band played more than 150 shows in countries like Belgium, The Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland & filled supportslots for bands like Carnifex (US), I Wrestled A Bear Once (US), Aborted (BE), Texas In July (US), I The Breather (US), Heart In Hand (UK), Novelists (FR), Dagoba (FR), Shoot The Girl First (FR), Polar (UK), Casey (UK) & many more …

In 2015 Signs Of Algorithm released their track “New Horizons Yet To Come” & crossed 11 countries with 22 shows on the New Horizons Summer Tour. In january 2016 Signs Of Algorithm entered Evolution Studios in Italy to record their debut album "HARBINGER" that is released through White Tower Records on 19 march 2016.

A new horizon will rise for Signs Of Algorithm …

Everyone is always welcome to come out and see Signs Of Algorithm live on stage. They’ll give you one hell of a show you won’t forget.

See you on, under or beside the stage!