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Symphonic Metal

Brasilien  Campo Grande

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RHEVAN is a Symphonic Metal band from Grande / MS - Brazil, was formed in 2007 by Thiago Azevedo (guitar/vocals) and Daniele Navarro (vocals - only remnants of the first line-up) to cover bands like Nightwish, Epica, Within Temptation, Tristania and other ones such as Cradle Filth and Iron Maiden. In June of that year they made the first of a series of presentations in Campo Grande, with two new songs in the set list: "Curse Of The Angels" and "Frontline". with the following line-up:

Daniele Navarro (vocals)
Thiago Azevedo(guitar / vocals)
Gleydson Keyler(Guitar)
Gabriel Bileski(Keyboards)
Danilo Andrade (bass)
Jomar Sources (drums).

In late 2007 Dane Oliveira takes the keyboards and also contributes a great deal on new compositions.

In early 2008, the band joins forces with Aldo Carmine for the production of the first demo CD: "Frontline." With simple equipment, the demo was recorded in a music school. Four songs were recorded: "Frontline", "Empty Sou"l, "Curse Of The Angels", "Arkhadia Pt.02" and a cover of of Nightwish "Ever Dream" .
The band performs concerts throughout the year 2008, but changes occur in the new line-up. Dane Oliveira leaves town, but continues to contribute in the compositions. Consequently Luk Waltrick assumes keyboards
and Gabriel Ferreira is the new bassist.

In 2009 the band start composing new material for the debut album:: Perpetually. The production is again in charge of Aldo Carmine that later on became the new drummer.
"Perpetually" is a independent production and duplicated by hand, and subsequently released for free download as well as the Frontline demo.

A great release show was held at the Teatro de Arena do Horto Florestal de Campo Grande, on June 21. After a few more presentations, Luk Waltrick left the band, that remains as a quintet.

In 2010 the band performs great shows, including the 2010 Wacken metal batle contest, great performances in cities like Cuiabá and Pedro Juan Caballero in Paraguay.

Gabriel Ferreira left the band and Aldo Carmine assums the bass while Matthew Mattos is the new drummer.

In August 2010 the band released their first video "Fortune and the Name" which took the award for best clip of the year by an affiliate of MTV Brazil, Rock do Mato.

The band started 2011 by releasing the websingle "Drunk with the Blood of the Saints", which features five songs: "Drunk With the Blood of Saints", "Desert Plains" (Judas Priest Cover)," Bravery Honour and Glory" (Acoustic), "Thompson`s Lullaby" (Live ) and "Drunk With the Blood of Saints" (Orchestral). The material had 15,000 downloads in just 30 days, receiving critical acclaim worldwide.
In August is released a promotional EP containing four songs from the new album "One More Last Attempt" and new versions of "You Said Me" from the debut album and a
cover of "Me dê Motivo" of the late Brasilian singer Tim Maia.
The new clip Drunk With The Blood of Saints is finished and has a high production level and the premiere is on 29/10/2011.

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