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Reject the Sickness

Melodic Death Metal, Metalcore

Belgien  Ghent

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Demosong: SoundCloud

Reject The Sickness is a five-piece band from Belgium that has been shredding metal since 2010.

The sound of Reject The Sickness’ music qualifies as modern and to-the-point. With 3 EP and 2 albums released, the band most often is labelled “metalcore”. While the band in some aspects could be labelled metalcore, the inspirational triggers for their music for a considerable part hail from the golden age melodic death metal and Death Thrash. From this confrontation, Reject The Sickness derives its’ relevance to metal 2019 A.D.: these guys are actually defining giving shape and substance to a genre that is trapped in anonymity, larding it with influences from their own musical heroes such as Black Datlia Murder, At The Gates and Rivers Of Nihil, evoking a total sound and ambiance that also should charm the fans of Fear Factory, Gojira, or Heaven Shall Burn.

Since late 2018 they play with two new members - Zoran Van Bellegem on lead guitar and Jonas Messiaen on bass. The band already has a brand new EP `THE NEW CHAPTER` to promote.