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Quit Your Day Job

Punk, Surf Rock

Schweden  Malmö

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Demosong: MySpace

June 2005. Download Festival, Donington, UK. It’s the monsters of rock, goddamnit. Quit Your Dayjob have just completed a show that sounds like ”Devo in a wheelchair..” when Blag Dahlia from The Dwarves steps up to them and goes: ”Hey guys, you are the Kraftwerk of punk rock, now let’s go get wasted!”. Okay, mission complete.

In August the same year the band released their first fullength album, ”Sweden We Got A Problem”, on Bad Taste Records. Jonass, Marcass and Drumass then stuffed themselves into the Freakmobile, which oddly resembles a beat up Renault Kangoo, and embarked on the ”Europe We Got A Problem Tour 2005/06” which funnily enough ended in the US, with QYD supporting OK Go as they toured the states at the end of 2006. Even before then they had begun their slow conquest of the US though, as they appeared at SXSW earlier that year and combined it with a bunch of headline and support shows. Along the way they received a lot of support from college radio, with their classic ”Coconut” anthem entering the college charts.

Meanwhile in Europe the band has appeared at several of the biggest festivals, including Rock Am Ring, Rock Im Park, Lowlands, Roskilde, Hultsfred, Donauinsel and the aforementionend Download Festival. Combine that with tours together with bands like The Hives, Turbonegro, Danko Jones, Gogol Bordello, Juliette & The Licks, Flogging Molly and others and it is easy to see why the allegiance of Quit Your Dayjob fans, or the Army of Freaks as they prefer to be called, just keeps on growing! ...all the way from Colosseum….straight into the Pentagon!

January 2007. The band enters Mission Hall Studio in the middle of nowhere, Sweden and begins working on the dreaded sophomore album. There’s a clear vision on how to take their music further into the deep chambers of retard rock, to reach something that sounds like ”kraut music for eight year olds” or ”triphop for speed freaks”. Or maybe just something simple like ”Tools For Fools”, which inevitably becomes the title of their new album. With songs like ”Warmachine”, featuring legendary New York rapper R.A. The Rugged Man, a collaboration with Swedish pop sensation The Sounds (”Bodypoppers”), revolutionary ”Beat The Boss” and the party ’til you puke electrobilly ditty ”Thank U 4 Coming”, the ”Tools For Fools” album is a spiritual journey for the slightly retarded, a pilgrimage for freaks taking you ”all the way from Colosseum….straight into the Pentagon!”.