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Trip Hop
Avantgarde, Experimental

Schweiz  Zürich

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Joy Frempong, the Swiss-Ghanaian multi versed vocalist is definitely one of a rare breed - at home in the left-of-center sound and gifted with a penchant for writing sticky, unforgettable melodies. Her vibrant, playful debut inspired by childhood stories, FIRST BOX THEN WALK (2010), was celebrated by critics and fans internationally for its unique, organic blend of electronic music, improv vocals, and colourful storytelling. The LP paved the way for bookings at prestigious events such as Sonar, Montreux Jazz, SXSW and Transmusicales.

Joined by producer and drummer Lleluja-Ha, OY has now evolved from a solo project to a duo, both in the studio and on stage.

The sample base for the follow up album KOKOKYINAKA (2013) consists of an accrued catalog of field recordings from a series of trips to Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana as well as source material collected during a residency in South Africa.
Back home in Berlin, the sounds were cut up and looped, stories and layers added and all woven into a colourful long player. Listeners will discover a genre bending, generously seasoned stew of African inflected Electronica that the band brings back to full life in their remarkable performances. An eclectic range of samples, humorous story-telling and whirling drums brand their shows which have been attributed `a musical bomb, fresh, vital, astonishing, subtle, extra-ordinary..`
Everything is possible in the free musical spirit of OY.