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In a perfect world, bios wouldn't excist. Trying to portray a band's story the way things actually happened is of course impossible and definetley so in just a few paragraphs of written words.

Nervous Nellie, for example, recentley lost in their line-up their long time friend and bassplayer Manne Westerlund and before that a number of other folks over the years. It was just decided that they wanted to pursue other things and didn't want to spend their time working in this band heavily on the road. Meanwhile the remaining members: singer/guitarist Henrik Johnson, drummer Andy Johansson and guitarist/singer Magnus Johnson are stuck in the bands clutches and continue to proceed with their indie, rock and alt-country sound to fulfill their musical purpose.

Nervous Nellie hail from the city of Stockholm, Sweden way of Chicago, USA and Falkenberg, Sweden. "With an odd big city-suburban mix of buisness, culture and rock and roll fever Stockholm is a great city to live in if you are into music," Magnus says. With the cities many local bands and the publics all around interest in sound a number of potent live clubs have emerged on the scene to add extra spark to the musical community. It is here that the band live and create, it is here the band battles madness and boredom, it is here the band frolic in love. This is where their home is, for better or worse.

With the 2004 self-release of "The Peace Pipe EP" (Honkyjonx Records) Nervous Nellie started what would come to be a long lived touring experience through most of Europe playing mainly the underground club scene. Now and then the band found themselves straying from the given path playing shows in the USA on the Vans Warped Tour and opening for more or less famous bands.

"Don't Think Feel" (Go-Kart Records) is a 12-song collection that encompasses carefully wrought ballads such as "You, Me & This While" and the up-beat yet mournful "Home Made Phone," multi-genre jams such as "Come Down, Find Out," lo-fi indie tunes such as "The World," and high-energy rockers like "Million Dollars" and "No Calls." These are just a few of the gemes Nervous Nellie have bashed out for there first official album release in Europe back in September 2005.

Even for this record they found themselves travelling like missionaires all over the place before rounding off the year touring with fellow Swedes and friends Shout out louds. With their slacker image and laidback approach to themselves and their surroundings Nervous Nellie have through intense live performances found fans globally. It comes as no surprise for those who have experienced the band on stage, with concerts at times turning into a stand up comedy show gone haywire - who can resist?! Then again, Nervous Nellie are perhaps not for everyone...

The band have started filing away at new material for there follow up album and have already found a new and natural direction for the music without losing their undefinable Nervous Nellie touch. "We have given up on the naive dream of becoming Frank Black or J Mascis, you just can't do it, no matter how many doughnuts you down," says Henrik. "I think we are looking inside ourselves more this time and just playing for the pure fun of it, we seem to find our focus better that way and the outcome is more us" Andy says.

The deep mysteries of the bands music, of sadness and happiness, of cries and laughter, of despondency and uplift, of love and hate extend far into the past and what the future brings no one can know, one can only guess. One thing is for sure though and that is that Nervous Nellie are here to stay, at least until they've accomplished their goal - whatever that is?

Their final story has yet to be written.

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