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Mortal Void

Electro Industrial, Dark Electro, Electronic Body Music (EBM)

Deutschland 1523 Frankfurt (Oder)

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Since the inception of MORTAL VOID in Summer 2001, the One-Man project released quite a few tracks on compilations as well as several own records like ‘Anthropophobia’ and the ‘Aberratio Mentalis’ E.P both released in 2004. With the German label Codeline Records in the back he released his most recent full-length ‘One Frame Left’ in October 2007.


…it’s not one of these projects strictly aiming for the dance floors though it incorporates danceable elements into the sound. Sound-wise the arrangements could be a little more differentiated, meaning that it’s sometimes hard to spot out single sounds because they’re drowning under the other layers. Apart from that the album is something, fans of more complex electro should definitely check-out.

- taken from review for “One Frame Left” @ http://www.reflectionsofdarkness.com