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Machine Boy

Electronic, Electronic Rock, IDM

England B82QF Birmingham

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Demosong: MySpace

Machine Boy have been creating electronic music for a number of years, Machine Boy music has been
used by various tv & production companies including BBC, Chan 4 & 5, Central/Carlton, Chilli Media, Black Diamond & in the USA by the likes of MTV.

Machine Boys albums are now available to buy at ITUNES. The ep called DEPRESSION EP thru Incubator Records Includes the huge lyrical/vocal talent of USA Seattle based poet/artist Lorian Elbert (RIP), giving the Machine Boy sound a whole new dark (surreal) edge.

The story goes on seeing one of Lorians poem books Machine Boy knew these words would work perfectly with his soundscapes. Kind words & airplay from DJ legend/icon John Peel (RIP)...god how much do we miss Johns shows ! ;-( more recently airplay for Machine Boys `Action Figures` from the likes of top radio one jock Huw Stephens and airplay, positive vibes from BB6music`s Tom Robinson plus continued support from Gill Mills TOP podcast iCast and Machine Boy being included in BBC Radio One`s TOP unsigned podcast have all helped build the Machine Boy fanbase.

Machine Boy also create animated video`s to promote his music, the first being a video for the track `Depression` and the video instantly picked up airplay on the mighty MTV, more recent animated promo`s such as `Action Figures` have also been given airplay from MTV2 in various programmes such as `120 minutes` etc.

Serious airplay from tv, including MTV Real World, Road Rules and various extreme sports programs/films has only made the whole Machine Boy project more mouthwatering.

Machine Boy have also been doing work with producer/writer Ian Wallman (B15 Project) and a song for the `more sonic adventures...` album has been co-written with Ian, titled `Despair`.

The full album is now available and goes again (as the ep) under the name of `Machine Boy featuring Lorian Elbert` and has the full title of MORE SONIC ADVENTURES FROM MACHINE BOY FEATURING LORIAN ELBERT.

Many Machine Boy releases are now available from iTunes, incl. the 2008 album BUILDING A BETTER BOY plus the singles ACTION FIGURES & BUILDING A BETTER BOY, and the very latest album THE GOOD MACHINE plus the single JAMIE & Machine Boy`s first ep release on new electro label RED ROBOT titled RYMING EP are all now available from iTunes and various other worldwide download websites.

Machine Boy`s 2nd release thru the new Red Robot Records label will be called `Jamies Dream`, its an ep and will be available soon. The Machine Boy aLive project is now up and running, in which Dean & new member Rob will be doing live shows with a difference, mixing lots of acoustic instruments with electronica, as a taster for the live shows a new EP called `aLive Volume One` is now available from iTunes and was recorded totally live in Machine Boy`s rehearsal space.