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Psychedelic Rock, Folk Rock, Indie-Rock

Israel  Tel Aviv

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Is an acronym for Ran Nir`s life philosophy:

Live Free Not Troubled. or In other words - live like an elephant.

Ran Nir, 28, born in Jerusalem, is a singer, a talented composer and a multi-instrumentalist.
Before starting LFNT Nir was a founding member and bass player for Asaf Avidan & Mojos.
It started when Nir saw Avidan performing solo in Tel–Aviv.
He pointed out that the materials will sound better with a band, Avidan agreed and together they established The Mojos.
The rest is history: five years of tremendous success, with hundreds of performances on big stages around the world and three best selling albums (two gold, one platinum).

When the band decided to stop its activities Nir went on his independent way.

Nir wrote personal material all these years, on the road, while touring with the band around the world. Material dealing with major issues surrounding the relationships in his life: the band, love and alcohol - Not necessarily in that order.
With the Mojos disbanding Nir began recording the songs and writing more. Joining him in the process was Joni Snow (ex Mojos drummer and friend); Joni helped with pre-production and composed one song on the album.

Nir gathered a group of talented musicians from the local Israeli music industry for the recording of the album, including musicians from The Mojos, Acollective, and The Ramirez brothers.
Yossi “Joseph E-Shine” Mizrahi (Acollective, Hadag Nahash) Co-produced the album.

The album contains ten short and precise tracks which tell some tales about life on the road, being a member of the Mojos on many stages - together, alone, and with a lot of whiskey.
Although alcohol is present in the album, it is a sober and realistic work. Songs touch on a wide variety of musical styles, ranging from rock `n` roll to contemporary, basic and kicking to folk, Tom Waits cabaret style and even a touch of electronics.

All the album`s songs are built from texts; piercing, sometimes direct and metaphorical, with catchy melodies on top and sweeping and rich arrangements. Listening to the album as a whole is a fascinating experience, which takes the listener to magical districts far away.