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Knights of Neshamah

Gothic Rock, Dark Rock, Psychedelic Rock

Deutschland 80 München

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KNIGHTS of NESHAMAH are the holder of the light in a dark black night.

With a mix between Rock and Gothic music and the mystic and up to date lyrics the KNIGHTS of NESHAMAH try to open the eyes, heart and mind of their audiences. Bass driven and guitar flowing with pounding voices the KNIGHTS of NESHAMAH celebrate the music and the listening crowd. Sometimes asking and sometimes demanding the music and lyrics try to reach and change the world into a better place to be.

In the 80..s bands like The Fields of the Nephilim, The Sisters of Mercy, The Mission UK, The Cure, Simple Minds, U2 and even earlier bands like Pink Floyd have set the standards for the new sound of the KNIGHTS of NESHAMAH. This can aslo include Superhits like Something gotta hold of my heart from Gene Pitney in a special KNIGHTS of NESHAMAH version.

The KNIGHTS of NESHAMAH are in no way a party and teenie band or even a new POPSTARS or SUPERSTAR band. Most of the KNIGHTS are in their 30..s and so the KNIGHTS of NESHAMAH try to reach a special audience.

The KNIGHTS of NESHAMAH are entertaining Entertainer and know their job from long time experince. The KNIGHTS are telling a story, a story of life and it s ups and downs the influence of the day to day prostitution of life and the meaning of it in all sums while trying to find answers to the human soul and bring together world religions in a clearly and loud way so everyone can understand.

...thouched by an angels wing music for the few that want to experience more...

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