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Power Metal, True Metal, Epic Metal

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HAMMER KING – the Heavy Metal Feudalists

Hammer King`s influence in the history of Heavy Metal has just begun.
After a career-spanning hiatus HAMMER KING have returned with their first ever album "Kingdom Of The Hammer King". Hand-picked by thy majesty himself, the Heavy Metal Feudalists are fulfilling a legacy: To play the truest Heavy Metal in this and all possible other worlds – Heavy Metal in the tradition of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Pfalzgraf Luitpold.

The band consists of former ROSS THE BOSS vocalist Titan Fox, former SALTATIO MORTIS drummer Dolph A. Macallan rounded out by K.K. Basement on bass and Kleveland`s most timeless guitarist: Gino Wilde.

Together they have recorded "Kingdom Of The Hammer King" in POWERWOLF`s Greywolf Studios, an album packed with Metal anthems literally made for live shows.
Centrepiece of the album is the trilogy "The King With The Sword And The King", telling the first chapters of the Hammer King saga.

Hammer King may lead you on here or there, but they are dead serious about their music – a polarizing combination of unique craftsmanship and characteristic songwriting. Hammer King waste no words about how great they are – you will love them or hate them.
The kingly credo is simple and clear: Heavy Metal is liberty and rebellion.

The debut album "Kingdom Of The Hammer King" has been released in April 2015 through Cruz Del Sur Music and has gained raving reviews – aside from the haters. But they feed the flame.
The preproduction for the second album is done, the studio is booked, Hammer King will strike again in 2016.


Titan Fox V: Vocals|Guitar
Gino Wilde: Guitar
Dolph A. Macallan: Drums
K.K. Basement: Bass|Vocals

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