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Death Metal, Grindcore

Slowenien  Ljubljana

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Glista hatched on December 2015. Almost exactly one year of composition, early membership changes and even a test performance later, the first concert followed for the five-peace band. By the end of September 2017, the band had a busy concert season behind it, with performances at the majority of Slovenian alternative venues as well as a couple of festivals. As the the summer came to an end, it was high time to retire to the bunker and polish the necks and break the sticks in preparation for the first album recording. The drummer leaving the band somewhat disturbed the whole process, but the band kept on working. After a long search, a new drummer joins them, chemistry kicks in and the process is back on its track, with the pace well above the expected, thus setting the date of return to April.
A Grindcore superposition of punk and metal, reflecting a wide spectrum of influences that include many old school hc-punk, crust, death, thrash-, black metal bands, in addition to some classical music and a pinch of disco, set Glista on stage with representatives of various genres, such as Ratos de Porao, Nula Osta, Bolesno Grinje, Extreme Smoke 57 and Noctiferia, just to name a few.