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Minneapolis rockers Gabriel and the Apocalypse are fronted by female vocalist Lindy Gabriel and are armed and ready to bring down the Armageddon of rock. New ideas shake off the doldrums of lackluster, derivative music. “We want to have more of an edge to our music," says Lindy, "and try new ideas.” Gabriel and the Apocalypse eschew complacency in the world of mainstream convention, seeking instead to break the shackles of “present-day radio formulas” and show audiences what music can really do in the hands of finely honed talent. “Realistically, no one will ever be surprised or inspired by hearing all these new bands that all use the same formula in their music. We want to be the band that generates a fresh sound and delivers unique artistic expression in our music,” Lindy explains. “Longevity comes from doing something different and establishing a presence among fans that speaks of artistic integrity. Basically, we want to be able to take mainstream and add those artistic qualities that most bands that come out these days lack.” To help them in their quest, Gabriel and the Apocalypse have teamed with Artist Development Firm, The Inner Light Agency. Damon Moreno of iLA says: "2010 is going to bring great things for Gabriel and the Apocalypse. This is just the start!"

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