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Slap Punk


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Filthy and inspired slap-punk from some French sickos here. Tight as a wound clock, this trio takes the manic energy of classic metal and absorbs it into a fatalistic punk power bomb. The raw talent and frantic upright bass blasting through the melodic mess is what sets G-String apart from other rock n' roll hybrid acts, past and present. Fast and furious with some mid-tempo sing-a-longs would adequately describe the new full-length album from G-String. But mentioning the interesting twists and turns that make good songs become great songs is more noteworthy here. The new G-String record “Bad Motherfuckers” builds on the no-frills slap-punk they pioneered previously but this new album fully captures the range of their power with some production muscle that delivers a sonic slap-punk experience fit for psychos, punks and rockers everywhere.
Some of you may recall an explosive psychobilly band from France (yes, France !) several years ago called Celtix. The same Matt who sang and challenged the bounds of the double bass in that band is now breaking new ground with G-String. J.C.'s guitar work in G-String is equally heavy on the pronounced riffing & wailing as well as the chord crunching. The fury and speed of drummer Laurent matches each lick and slap with amazing punctuation. Take a G-String “Bad Motherfuckers” test drive in our listen section.