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Frida Hyvönen is known as an enchanting stage performer and comedienne, a stormy piano player and brilliant lyricist, a unique voice speaking from a timeless inner place.

Her first album, “Until Death Comes”, was recorded in 2005 at legendary recording studio Atlantis in Stockholm and was released on the Licking Fingers label in Sweden. That same year, Frida won Swedish entertainment paper Nöjesguidens Stockholm Prize for “Best Music”. Shortly thereafter she inked a contract with Secretly Canadian who then released the album in the US and Europe in 2006.

“Until Death Comes” sees Hyvönen using almost solely her voice and a piano. She’s said afterwards that it was “to give room for imagination”. At this time she was touring solo in Sweden, Europe and the US. (After that she wrote the music for Dorte Olessens dance performance “PUDEL”. Featured on stage were – apart from Frida – six dancers and five dogs.)

Following the long tours of the first album, Frida bought a house in northern Swedish province Västerbotten. There she wrote the second album “Silence Is Wild” during a year of introspection, and released it in October 2008. The album was highly acclaimed by critics as well as the audience and the Swedish broadsheet newspaper Dagens Nyheter awarded her their coveted Culture prize.

On the second album more instruments were present, which weaved a more complex background for Hyvönen’s new, more expressive vocal melodies. Frida took drummer Tammy Karlsson and bass and cello player Linnea Olsson on the road. Never slowing down, she also composed the music for the photo book “Drottninglandet” (Land of the Queen) in collaboration with photographer Elin Berge.

Frida Hyvönen’s new, amazing album “To The Soul” is written partly in the singer’s Paris home and partly in her Västerbotten house. Prior to actually writing, she spent a long period of time traveling to places like Bali, India and Zimbabwe.

“To The Soul” sees Hyvönen continuing the exploration of the condition of various things. A grandmother’s passing, someone else’s holiday pictures posted on the internet, a moon pulling away the ocean and revealing a sea creatures’ slow wandering over a stone. A dancehall where no one dances any more, hands that move like batons between generations, and something as commonly humdrum as picking apples. All this sung about with a voice that flows seamlessly between darkness and light, as easy as if these were closely connected rather than each others opposites.

“To The Soul” was recorded during the fall of 2011 at Benny Andersson’s new studio Riksmixningsverket in Stockholm. The album was released in Scandinavia on April 11:th, 2012.

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