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Tell us a bit about your songs, is there any one you consider your favorite?

They are obsessed with death. Ghosts, the after life, and the endless lives before that have led up to the now. Sweet Jesus, Buddha, and the darkness of sin and suffering which is so very necessary for beautiful things to exist in this world so real yet trully an illusion.

Who were some of the people who have influenced you?

Musically I cannot list enough of them from Tool to Sarah McLaughlin. The Cranberries to Devil Driver. Death Metal to Enya...Every single person I come in contact influences me in some way. We`re like molecules in a gas bouncing off eachother, spreading out to fill the void...

How would you describe your music?

Thought provoking.

Is there one particular song that best sums up "who you are" as an artist?

God...that`s hard. I try to make each song unique. If I had to choose one that "sums" me up I would have to say CONTAGIOUS. It`s a personal matter...a warning...

How long have you been in the music business?

Business? Is that what this is? I thought it was more on the lines of a movement, revolution, theme park which I have never been "out" of this "business".

What sort of feedback have you received from the public?

One extreme to the other. They either fucking hate it, or really like it. That`s what I expected. If they just didn`t care, or had no reactions whatsoever, then I would worry, probably quit, and live out my days as a social recluse up in the mountains somewhere North and West of here...

What can we expect from you in 2008 and beyond?

Expect to see this shit go live. I`ve been in federal prison for the last five years for some stupid Moon Rock heist, but those five years were spent creating the songs that would indeed be a platform for this objective of mine. What`s my objective? Political, Social, Religious? All of the above. My main interest is Humanities continued progress into the future. I see no sense in letting us go back to the Stone Age. It`s time to take our rightful place among our Galactic Neighbors as full citizens of Space. If music can promote this, so be it. If music can effect this, more power to it, if music can be the stage for a united Earth then Goddamn it! Let`s Rock and Fucking Roll! But if we decide to extinguish ourselves...then the music is dead already.

Does the world around us influence your music at all?

How could it not? Give me one song that is not a direct reflection of the world around them.

How much has the internet helped spread the word about your music?

Without the internet I`d already be in the mountains...most likely dead, or starving to death.

Anything you`d like to blast out to the fans?

Suffering is a beautiful thing. Necessary. Without it we would have no reasons to move. We`d sit there just like a rock. Not hungry, not thirsty, not too cold or too hot, no aches, no pains, nowhere pressing to be, nobody counting on us for a damn thing. If you`re expecting a god to come down and fix all the worlds problems think again. The world is perfect the way it is. If you want a world filled with peace and happiness then kill me now, I can`t stand the thought of not having any kind of oppositions to keep me actively involved with life. What the fuck?! You don`t go to a movie to see 2 hours of peace and happiness. HELL NO! You don`t read a book because it`s 500 pages of perfect bliss and Nirvana. YUCK! How boring would that be? Movies and books are filled with "overcoming the odds". What would life be like with no odds against us? BORING! Study! Research! Think for yourselves! If you continue to seperate yourself from the rest of humanity we will never achieve the unity necessary to spread ourselves outside our little sphere of influence here on Mother Earth. Do you really want the world to end? Stop wishing for Armegeddon! Start enjoying the challenge that is life! PEACE! Moon.

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