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Heavy Metal, Doom Metal
Sludge, Post-Metal

Norwegen  Oslo


Dwaal from Oslo, Norway plays heavy, atmospheric sludge, doom, post-metal or whatever you might like to call it. Their dense wall of sound fluctuates between aggressive, suffocating, melancholic and hypnotizing, and could be compared to bands like Amenra, Neurosis or Cult of Luna. Formed in 2014, they`ve gained a reputation as a captivating live act, with performances at legendary festivals like Inferno, Høstsabbat and Mystic Festival in their bag.

When Dwaal`s debut album “Gospel of the Vile” was released in early 2020, the future was bright. Little did they know, the agenda over the next couple of years was about to include: 1 surprise pandemic, 1 rehearsal space eviction, 1 rehearsal space flooding, 1 booking deal evaporated into the covid mist, an unknown number of canceled gigs all over Europe, 2 covid related layoffs, 3 breakups, 5 mental breakdowns, 5 hospitalisations, 1 near death experience, and in the end, 1 new full length album.

The sophomore album “Never Enough” is the culmination of all the pent-up rage and frustration of the past 3 years, and it marks a hard reboot of the Dwaal machinery. Angrier, hungrier, more ruthless and more personal than ever before.

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