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Dreamtime Troubadours

Art Rock, Avantgarde Rock, Alternative Rock

England NN14 2JH Desborough

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Musician, radio host and archivist, Don Campau has been active in music since 1969.From 1969-1974, Don, Geoff Alexander and other friends recorded as The Roots Of Madness, a bizarre, avant garde collective that released one record album in 1971. The early tapes are now also available as CDs.In 1971 Don also began hosting a radio program on KTAO-FM in Los Gatos California under the mentorship of Lorenzo W. Milam, one of the founding fathers of community radio in the USA. This show incorporated ethnic, avant garde jazz, baroque, modern classical, early home recordings and outsider material.In 1978 Don began hosting a radio program on KKUP-FM in Cupertino, California. At the time, the show featured jazz, ethnic, contemporary classical, improvised and some early home recordings.
In 1985 the format of "No Pigeonholes" was established and became home recorded cassettes from the international home recording movement called "cassette culture". The music covered many styles
from rock, folk, outsider, oddball, punk, electronic and much more.Don continues broadcasting home recorded, small studio and independent music from around the world not only on KKUP but also throughout Europe on Radio Marabu and also on the net on The
The Lonely Whistle label was started in 1984 to house not only Don Campau albums but other releases from friends and musical associates.


I wouldn`t discribe myself as a musician. Sculptors use all kinds of material to sculpt, stone, clay, marble, I like to concider myself an audio sculptor.

(guest vocalist)

I like to attend Irish and American Traditional music sessions to sing unaccompanied. I have worked with a tremendous Experimental Music group called Biota on an album called “Half A True Day.” Another album with them is currently underway. I write some songs but enjoy improvisation and singing devastating murder ballads.

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