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Dream Police

Blues, Rock

Norwegen  Fredrikstad/Halden, Østfold


In 1989 Trond Holter formed Dream Police after been playing with Ole "I`Dole" Evenrude since -82, and wanted to start a band of his own. He called Odd René Andersen who he had heard singing on a demo, and he joined. Then he asked Ole Petter Hansen which also had been playing with Evenrude to join. He was a bit sceptic in the beginning, but after some persuasion, he also joined. Now they needed a bass player. Jan Titz joined the band, but it didn`t work, so they had to find a new bass player. Ole Petter knew a guy called Rino Johannessen who he asked to join, and after a while he joined the band and Dream Police was complete.

Dream Police gave out two albums; Dream Police in 1990 and Messing With The Blues in 1991. Their first record was also nominated to the Norwegian music award Spellemannsprisen.
Their first album was also released in Europe, Japan and Canada, and their second album was released in Japan.

In 1992 Dream Police split up. Mostly for economic reasons, but also because of the time period where the grunge was born.

Today the members of Dream Police are doing different projects. Odd René Andersen has become a very successful solo artist, Trond Holter is know better known as Teeny in the glamrock band Wig Wam and Ole Petter Hansen and Rino Johannessen are doing different projects such as playing in TV bands, musical orchestras and studioworking.

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