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Deus Diabolus

Melodic Rock

Deutschland 06618 Naumburg

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Deus Diabolus was founded in march 2002.
Thomas and Sandy began to write the first song “Behind the curtains of night”.
After some unimportant line-up changes, Heiko, Matthias, Michael and Dio joined the band. A half year later, in december 2002, Deus Diabolus recorded their first CD “Dark Visions Of A Cold Winternight”.
In october 2003, Deus Diabolus got a new member Anne, she played cello a short time and left the band very soon.
In august 2004, the album “The Warroir Of The Setting Sun” was finished. It represents the actual work and will be released in Summer 2005.
Christian the replacement keyboarder becomes a firm member.
Meanwhile Enrico plays the drums because Heiko has left the band.
Until today, Deus Diabolus performed a lot shows in germany and is still looking forward.

current line-up:

Dio - Vocals / Lyrics
Matthias - Guitar / Background Vocals
Thomas – Guitar
Micha – Bass
Enrico – Drums
Sandy – Keyboard
Christian - Keyboard

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