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Demencia Mortalis

Doom Metal, Gothic Metal

Tschechien 41301 Roudnice n.L.

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We are Demencia Mortalis, a young goth/doom metal band from the Northern Bohemia. The band has been active since 2006, we have released a demo and a self-produced full-length “No god is here” in 2008. Our recent studio effort is titled “The Forgotten EP”, which is packed with this letter.
The EP represents the development we have made over the few year of existence, and it also introduces our own conception of “gothic” metal. This genre label is no more sufficient to describe our music, as it incorporates personal preferences and influences from all 8 members of the band, ranging from symphonic power metal, through death and thrash metal to pagan and depressive black metal. However, we do not mean to boast with inventing brand new style, we simply play what we can and what we enjoy with no actual effort to be innovative, original or different.

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