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Streetpunk, Hardcore Punk, Punk Rock

Schweiz  Langenthal, Bern

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In the beginning of 2009 we started the band Defused. Because there were and still are too few HC-Punx in Switzerland and even fewer bands which play that kind of music, we formed our band. We’re located in Long Valley, near the capital city of Bern. Our sound is loud, fast and aggressive. The lyrics deal with the aspects and horrors of war, the day to day struggle, social problems, society and the fuckin’ way of life. Defused prefers to play in squats and clubs which support the punk scene. So far we’ve played with bands like The Restarts, Uprising Punx, Dritte Wahl, Chefdenker and various Swiss bands. In July 2010 we’ll be recording our first songs and eventually our first album. Recordings will take place at the European Streetpunk Production Studio in Greifswald, Germany. Put on your studded vest, spike your hair, put up your Mohawk and get in the fuckin’ pit! The fuse is lit!
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