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CREEDS is one of several projects by Willy, a French music composer from Nantes. A child of the rave scene, Willy began his musical career at the age of 15, after 10 years on the piano, and never stopped exploring all genres of electronic music.

In 16 years of creation, he composed over 300 tracks and multiple opuses signed to more than a dozen labels such as Ministry of Sound (Sony), Omny Lab and Rave Alert. At the beginning of 2023, her career exploded internationally thanks to her hit single "Push Up" from the EP of the same name, which racked up over 200 million streams across all platforms, even prompting Calvin Harris to ask her to remix his single "Miracle" in collaboration with singer Ellie Goulding. After years of building a musical identity, CREEDS have now reached maturity: a refined, mastered style, geared towards the dancefloor and calibrated to resonate live. After sharing their musical favourites and productions in dj sets in clubs and festivals around the world, the 100% CREEDS live show that was so close to their hearts is now a reality.

Melodies rub shoulders with hard techno rhythms, themselves driven by a primal energy that just begs to grow, the whole sublimated at times by the style and voice of singer and lyricist Helen Ka. United around the same overflowing passion, determined to break down barriers and dancefloors, they join forces to make sweet and ferocious rhyme, playing on different facets from techno to hardcore. Acclaimed by some of the biggest names of the electronic scene, this duo is a cocktail of energy coupled with an authentic live performance, propelled by a shared vibe that`s stronger than ever.

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