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Hard Rock, Nu Metal, Alternative Metal

Polen  Gdansk

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Chassis was founded in 1999 in Gdansk (Danzig), Poland. From that time band has already played many concerts, small gigs for several and big shows for thousands of people. We played also on TV shows – Kuba Wojewodzki, TVN Uwaga, and whole concert for Tele Top TV. Band played 3 tours:
* wHywerolL tour 2005
* Rock Connection Tour 2005 (with Milczenie Owiec)
* Music Summer Box Tour 2006

Main big shows that Chassis played were:
* Music Summer with LG in Gdansk 2002 and 2004
* Hunterfest in Szczytno ( 2005 and 2006
* Students Coaliton Festival in Gdansk 2006
* Festczad in Nowe Miasto Lubawskie 2006
* Malbork Music Festival 2006
* Flader Pop Festival in Gdansk 2007

Chassis are:
Michal Gabryelczyk - vocal
Mateusz `Matrix` Rybicki - guitar, backing vocal
Maciej `Koniu` Konczak - guitar
Piotr `Piooro` Piorkowski - bass
Maciej `Bully` Bulinski - drums

Music played by Chassis is some kind of hard rock. Because of many different opinions it is hard to be objective in that matter. It is said, that where Chassis is, you can find low-tuned guitars, groovy bass, expressive drums, and a really excellent and dynamic show. In 2005 Chassis self released debut album „wHywerolL” One song of the album – `There’s a Place` came very popular in band’s hometown and got second place of the whole year summary chart in the most popular regional station Radio Gdansk! Chassis beat many pop singers and famous bands except one. Other song and a video clip `My Way` was played in the radio and TV stations across Poland.

Piooro (bass guitar) and Bully (drums) are also members of experimental fusion band with 3 bass guitars - Be3. They started in the middle of 2007 and already shared stages with Stu Hamm, Marcus Miller, Alain Caron, Matthew Garrison, Wojtek Pilichowski at several European musical events! Check this music on

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