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It is May 2008 in Gera/Thuringia. The former band of Alex and Maschi (a crossover thrash band called "Chainstrap") has just split up and Robin ("VANEN" Melodic Death Metal) and Päskill split up their Sludge Metal band in December `07.
Because we were already friends at this time, we decided to start a new band. But, at this time we didn`t had established our style.
After the first year, we thought our songs were too melodic, too trendy, too lame, so we changed a lot of things. So we limited the melodic parts to a few, Päskill changed his vocal style and we decided to write some more "straight in your face"- metal songs, if you know what I mean.
Since that time, we played a lot of live shows, played with a lot of cool bands like DISBELIEF, Macbeth, Xiom (Moshquito), Solace of Recuiem(USA), Exidium, Dubiosis, Deserted Fear etc.
In November `10 we released our first demo, called "Dollar- eyed DEMOcracy", which was limited on 50 copies.
Now, we` re back with our second demo, titled "DEMOnstrating our violence", which was problably came up in February 2012!!!

Check out our new designed MYSPACE page with a lot of our Song!

We` re always searching for live gigs, `cause WE ARE A LIVE BAND !!!

 Hilfe-Popup Booking: Robin Block

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