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Death Metal, Grindcore

Deutschland 70 Stuttgart

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Demosong: link

Boiler is a death/grind band from Stuttgart/Germany and is producing noise since the end of 2006. Some member came and left the band. But the drummer (Marc) and the guitarist (Ralf) remain as the core. The triumvirate was completed by Mario as vocalist (Ex-Napalm Entchen). Max (Bass) was engaged in the band for a stopover in 2008. At this place, thanks to Max. In may 2009 Lukas joined the band as second vocalist. The full length album “Atüla, der Druckluftkönig” was released in 2008. The new promo-tracks are available since july 2009.
In november 2011 Lukas left the band, all the best to him.