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Bela Tar

Indie Pop
Ambient, Dream-Pop

Israel  Tel Aviv

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Demosong: SoundCloud

Bela Tar is an israeli band formed by musician Zoe Polanski, who is known for her unique style of sultry guitar & bass textures, airy vocals and transportive bedroom recordings. After 5 years of playing and touring with the band Katamine, Zoe started performing under the name Bela Tar, and in 2010 released her debut solo album, Pulsar (Uganda Records). Bela Tar`s past performances include support for Swans, Laetitia Sadier, Magik Markers, Maria Minerva and venues such as death by audio, shea stadium and tonic (NYC). Zoe played twice at the CMJ festival. Zoe was recently joined by Eilon Elika (on Darbuka), Or Rimer (Guitar & Bass) & Or Edry (Vocals + Synthesizer) in both her live act and recordings. Bela Tar are currently busy performing around Israel and completing their second album.