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Indie-Rock, New Wave

Deutschland 64319 Pfungstadt

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Beatshots are made up of Benni (the moustache) Mugler on Guitar, Emma McLellan singing and stuff McLellan, Ferry on Bass Helène and Sascha the Olschowsky on the old slap and tickle.

We Have been pissing off nearly everybody that lives near our rehearsal bier keller for the last year and a half now. What a show!!

Beatshots are truly a European union of riffage. Ferry is half German, half Swiss. Benni is mostly German and a bit of somethin` else but I`ve forgotten what! Emma is English with a scottish name that Germans mis-pronounce McKlein!!! Miss Pronounce would actually be a really good name for a female, solo hip hop artist for anyone out there that`s feelin it. But, it was my idea, alriigghhhhtttt t t t ttt ttt ...

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