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With 20 years behind them Backyard Babies have not only developed into one of
Sweden’s best rock bands but also reached the rest of the world during their tattooed crusade. They have continually gained fans throughout the world selling 1 million albums and touring with acts like Ac/Dc, Social Distortion and Velvet Revolver, being able to fill up any rock club across the planet from Tokyo to Los Angeles. This backed with constant approvals from the WW press since the release of the ground breaking Total 13 album back in 1998.
In 2009 Backyard Babies was immortalised as carton characters in the video for Degenerated, the track that participated in Guitar Hero 4 as downloadable content, their hit, Minus Celsius was featured in the game for GH3.
On the back of the new album Backyard Babies is on yet another world wide tour assaulting every corner of the planet with raw rock ’n’ roll backed by, what many says, their finest album so far. Or as Dregen put it; “We managed to get a hold of our self confidence on this album already in our rehearsal studio. The songs felt more clear and straight. Prouder and cockier. More Rock and more Roll. Then as it turned out Jacob Hellner and Backyard Babies were like Nitro and Glycerine! A very demanding producer with a very vengeful and keen band, proved to give result.”
The saga continues.

Backyard Babies:
Nicke Borg – lead vocals / guitar
Dregen – lead guitar / vocals
Johan Blomquist – bass
Peder Carlsson – drums

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