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Back To Mama

Retro-Rock, Stoner (Desert Rock), Rock & Roll
Stoner Fuzz Desert Rock

Deutschland 06 Halle, Leipzig, Merseburg, Bitterfeld, Dessau,


Back to Mama is not the slogan, but the name of the band. We are from Halle the city near the river Saale, also known as the grey diva.The brittle, dirty however upsetting charm, which this city has, is found again in the music of BACK TO MAMA, lovers of handmade, oppressive rock, who commit themselves now stylistic too - as they call it - "Bloody Fuzz Rock"... Ill, heart-impact moderate rock, sometimes pulsating, piercing and urgently, then again taking back calmly. From the love for large, tube driven amplifiers created tones, which drives voluminoes pressureful on the ears... The members of "Back To Mama" are ramppigs. Live Back To Mama develops ever more to a speedcooker with a high energy rock performance, which brings the public to raving. The resonance of the refrigerator-large Cabinets, the strong volume the equipment is poducing, lifts itself against chest and ears and leaves the viewer and listener with a pleasant feeling of glowing fire. .. Fuzz Rock.. since 2003..

 Hilfe-Popup Booking: Tibor (Back To Mama)

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