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ASTRONUTS is a four-piece Punkrock band from Mannheim, Germany.

Founded in 2018 by members of bands like The Barbecuties (Monster Zero Records) and Spyhole (Yo-Yo Records), ASTRONUTS just released its first record called `Spacement Mission EP`. It was recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio G Mannheim by producer Nikolay Wolz in July 2019 and is available now on CD, Cassette and digitally.

ASTRONUTS stylistically shifts between melodic Punkrock in the vein of Good Riddance, Strike Anywhere or Nothington, and typical Pop Punk influences such as Green Day and The Copyrights. Among others, the bands` typical trademarks are melancholic guitar harmonies and powerful drumming that blend in perfectly with polyphonic vocals.

Besides writing further songs for a full-length album, which is scheduled to late summer of 2020, the band currently aims at playing live. For booking requests, please contact info [at]


Sid - Vocals, Bass
Coli - Guitar, Vocals
Tom - Guitar
Leo - Drums

 Hilfe-Popup Booking: atwww

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