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Antibody is a solo powernoise based act out of Germany.
They began their career in 2013 as the only member Jan Antibody thought: "Hey! Lets make some Industrial!".
From 2013 to 2015 some things changed. Jan Antibody made a Remix of Aengeldusts Club-Hit "Meth Face" and suddenly Antibody
became some attention. After making some other Remixes for example for the canadian Noise act Displacer or for the german
dark elektro project Binary Division. In 2015 Antibody sent a track to Alfa Matrix for the well known Industrial Compilation
Endzeit Bunkertracks 7. A wonder happened and Alfa Matrix said agreed to take the song "Shrimps" for their Compilation.
Antibody is here to infect the world with heavy beats, thundering basslines, catchy melodies and a bestial mixture of
Industrial, Power Noise and Hardstyle/Hardcore. Be ready for the big Infection!

 Hilfe-Popup Booking: Jan Laustroer

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