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And Still I Chase The Sun

Death Metal, Black Metal, Melodic Death Metal

Deutschland 01 Dresden, Berlin


Leaving behind the boundaries of one static genre, they want to explore all the possibilities metal has to offer. This does not necessarily mean that their songs are excessively progressive or opulently technical. It rather means to write songs against the grain of listening habits. An odd time sequence now and then, an unexpected turn of riffing or elements of other musical genres. This attitude towards metal is a process and will be implemented step by step, one song at a time. Every new song, every new EP will protocol the process .
In early 2011 ASICTS self-released the split EP AURORA with their friends from ENTRY OF A DIARY. It features three distinctive songs by each band.
In May 2011 Nine had to leave the band and Nadine joined the pack.
In late 2011 founding member Eric had to leave the band due to job reasons. The new shredlord Samy completed the band.
Be it love, be it clearance, be it peace of mind or a purpose. We all need that, we all want that, we all chase the sun

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