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Analog Machine began life as 18 Speed Tranny in 1999, then in late 2003 founding member Ken Harlev - Vocals/Guitars, along with Kris Wojtyla - Bass changed the Heavy Rock trio slightly by replacing their original drummer, with their current drummer Tom Crone.
With the addition of their new drummer they began networking, and promoting locally on a level rarely seen in Chicago, and managed to sustain a good sized fan base in a market saturated mostly by cover bands, hip hop, and people who get their information about rock bands from the radio station.

Analog Machine has never tried to follow any trends, and has always stayed true to their music, which in turn has provided them with a substantial amount of great original Heavy Rock music, including two full lengths, and one e.p. release in addition to their latest self titled release “Analog Machine”

The first three releases under the name 18 Speed Tranny contained great music, however the recording though adequate were D.I.Y., and sounded like good “home made” recordings, so the band decided to fork up the cash and head into a professional recording studio to record their latest effort “Analog Machine”

After hearing the songs recorded, and mixed in a professional environment, they decided it was time for a pro level name to match, so they ditched their old name in favor for Analog Machine after the 2” tape machine used to record the cd.

It all fits together now with the bands influences of 70’s Classic Rock/Metal, 80’s Hard Rock/Metal, 90’s Grunge, along with modern bands that have the same retro appeal.

Analog Machine is not content though with being labeled simple “Stoner” or “Retro”, and will continue striving to create a unique sound that can only be identified as Analog Machine. This bands work ethic, drive, and stability attest to their belief in the band, the music, and themselves.

They will continue to passionately pursue the creation of music inspired by the reckless spirit of Rock and Roll, and true expression, instead of the trendy, formulaic, homogenized pap that’s so common today.


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