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Abdoul Art


Deutschland 13355 Berlin

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After Abdoul Art short successful appearance and his reggae group The Herbalitz in Berlin a few
years ago,he bounced back and deliver a solide debut album ``Wake up in The morning`` .
The Album reflects the experiences and feeling Abdoul has perceived in his early journey in Berlin
until this days, searching for truth and harmony in this world of trouble and deception.
Abdoul's reggae style,is completely original and unique , influenced by traditional Moroccan music,
especially the music of his own family , `` The Gnawa `` and by the legends Bob Marley, Peter Tosh,
Alpha Blondy .Utilizing a simple melodies with a beautiful voice and very few musical instruments just a guitar,
bass,keyboard and drums .The CD features three tracks written and produced by Abdoul in Berlin
and mastered by Kevin Metcalf at Sounds Masters in London.
Abdoul's Debut CD will be available Soon Possible ! at the show and then at indie record
stores , but you can it direct From the artist Abdoul Art by Sendeng e-mail to :

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