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Roots Reggae, Dub, Afrobeat

Deutschland 10247 Berlin

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Founded and grown deep in the colourful center of Berlin, Sattatree is one of the profound rootical reggae-dub bands in this times. Headed by nice melodica playing of Dubsister Lisa, drummer Philipp Wahlstab and lead singer, guitar player, musical composer & arranger Jimmy-I-muze, Jah-Inity of Sattatree began to grow. In 2007 keyboarder Jan Kordas, percussion player Fabiano Lima & bass and guitar players Jeff Chappah & Mr. Sometimer joined Sattatree.
Numerous gigs on festivals and clubs in and around Berlin made Sattatree become a real institution in Germany’s reggae scene.
In the year of 2010, Sattatree got signed by One-Drop Music and the first album "Rootsman" was recorded. Mixed and mastered by Aldubb at planet earth studios berlin it became a timeless piece of roots music.
In 2011, the first 7 inch vinyl "Babylon" with a deep dubby melodica version on the flipside.

Check out Sattatree on http://www.sattatree.com

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