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Hell Nation Army

Rock & Roll, Punk Rock

a 12049 Berlin

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Demosong: link

Punk'n'Roll - loud, dirty and kicking ass

2012 the "Hell Nation Army" was formed in Berlin / Germany by five friends to play kick ass Rock'n'Roll

Chris (Vox)
Beef (Guitar)
mr.S (Guitar)
Käpt'n (Bass)
Steve Breaker (Drums)

Their music provides a strong mixture of high energetic Rock'n'Roll and Punkrock – dirty, loud and fast !!!

They already shared and wrecked the stages with Turbo ACs, Bloodlights, Far from Finished - to only name a few... and they're ready to invade a venue near you!

So stay tuned, and follow the "Hell Nation Army" !!!

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0178 -130 95 46