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Animæ Silentes

Dark Metal, Melodic Metal

Italien  Verona

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Come from an idea of dark and melodic sounds of both Alessandro Ramon Sonato, voice of Chrome Steel (Judas Priest Tribute) and Bad Sisters, ex Hollow Haze, Crying Steel and of Tomas Valentini, bass player of the italian band Skanners ", ANIMAE SILENTES takes shape in June 2015 with the guitars of Giovanni Scardoni (Chrome Steel, ex Ground Control) and Riccardo Menini (Dirty Fingers).
After a long hunting, the band calls behind the drums Cristian Bonamini (Alcstones, Romero).
In February 2017 the band released the debut album "Suffocated" as independent and immediately began promoting the album with a series of live shows, mainly in Northern Italy. Among the live experiences, the band shared the stage with names like Lacrimas Profundere at "Venice Vampire Fest" and also Votum and Swallow The Sun at "Metal Gates Festival" in Romania in November 2017. In the summer 2017 Animae Silentes signed a record contract with the label Sliptrick Records for the reprint and promotion of Suffocated and made it`s first foreign experience with a mini tour in Latvia.
In the beggining of the year 2018, Giovanni Scardoni decided to leave the band, and Francesco Gambarini (Empathica) took his place. The new lineup continued to play gigs in Italy and in Europe, and shared the stage with Children of Bodom and Sonata Arctica at the Metalhead Meeting Festival 2018 in Bucharest, Romania.
Currently the band, while still actively concentrating on the promotion of the debut album, is starting to compose new material for the second LP.