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Our Music…
is a mix up of dirty R’n`B, Jump Blues, Rockabilly, Surf, Sixties, Jungle, Mambo and Gospel fever, with a punch in the face and a kick in the ass!

Who we are…
Nadja aka Lady Conzuela – The Voice of Rockabilly
Marc aka Plunderin’ Billy – Double Bass
Martin aka Capt’ n Paul o Riley- Guitar
Christian aka Cap’n Logan Firebeard – Guitar
Klaus aka Sir Bonnie Blue- Drums

The Story so far…
Lady Conzuela was born in the late 70´s somehwere in Germany and lives in a town called Hemsbach where a lot of pirates come togehter for a wild wild wild weekend in August called “Kerwe”. Last year she grabbed the hottest guys of them to form the band “Conzuela And The Pirates”.

She is a great singer and also sings in Europe´s biggest Elvis Las Vegas Revival Show as a background singer.

Conzuela is married and loves music, her cats, and of course her husband.

Conzuela also loves rock’n`roll, tattoos, fishnet stockings and stuff like this. Man, I think you know exactly what I mean……

 Hilfe-Popup Booking: Christian Reschke

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