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CASUAL are a group formed in Barcelona in 1999 by Mon a la Cova (voice and lyrics), Erickq23 (guitar and second voices), Jordi Farreras (drums) and recently incorporated BobNo (bass).

They guarantee nine years to them of trajectory and a great number of concerts around Europe, songs distributed by more than ten compilation discs in several countries, their previous CD in Flor y Nata Records "La Nova Medicina" and a collection of excellent you criticize of its direct ones.

Flor y Nata Records, return to bet by CASUAL, convinced of his it was worth and the originality of its proposal: DARK ROCK in CATALAN LANGUAGE. If previous "La Nova Medicina", the fourth disc of the band, were a EP, this time "IL·LUMINACIONS" is a complete CD with 12 songs, all in Catalan except a cover in English: "I hate you". It was recorded between December 2007 and January 2008 in High Gain Studio and mixed between January and March 2008.


At "IL·LUMINACIONS" the group evolves, dividing of its dark personality for landscapes more rockers. And everything with that particularitity that supposes the contribution of energy and fresh air of the rock with influences of the pop sound from Placebo, The Cure or Queens of the Stone Age. All it turns to CASUAL a only one band in our next scene and than the listening of his discs or the attendance to his concerts, it is a hard to feel experience with any other band.

At "IL·LUMINACIONS" they have been surrounded by musical friends who have contributed new sonoridades, So Lluis Costabella, Joan Pairo` and Vito from Kitsch has made choirs in "Il·luminacions", "Precis", "30 Cops" and "10 Anys al Llit", Agustí Busom from Abús has put voice in "A Mig Acabar", "Llavors" and "Hiroshima". Gruff Rhys from Super Furry Animals has contributed with a telephone voice in "Tunnel 1", Ignacio Lois contributes to its piano in "Llavors" and Ramon Marc "to plays saxo in" Il·luminacions ", among others.


Bob had not arrived at Barcelona makes a pair of years look for the life, a friend spoke of CASUAL and discovered his to him first discs, searched carefully in stores to become with which it needed and attended one of their concerts where without at least proposing it to it, contacted with the band. There was "feeling" and months later when Jordi Du left it frees the seat of bass, retook the contact... the result you have it in "IL·LUMINACIONS": fresh, youthful and rocker blood for the Barcelonian vampírico quartet!

Discography: EP-CD “Fora” (2000), CD “Figura 11” (2003), Maxi CD “Hores Lentes” (2005) & EP-CD “La Nova Medicina” (2006)

 Hilfe-Popup Booking: Eric
+34 655 67 62 88

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