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In the dogmatic and ridiculous world of Big Rock Biz, there’s something very comforting about just knowing that a band like Mannheims bellsparx exists. That feeling comes from the group’s passion of sculpting a sincere and exciting brand of rock noise.
bellsparx , genuinely appear to be far more like a gang of real, true friends who happened, quite fortuitously, to meet as a result of their mutual love of — eccentric refreshing rock and jazz that rarely finds airplay in big consumer radio, and who seem to enjoy each other’s company as much as they like designing, producing, recording and playing their own brand of dissonant harmonies.
bellsparx forays into instrumental never never lands and their own instrumental arrangements of strangely familiar Zeppelin or Beatles songs. Snatch the listener by the ear and send them on a sonic adventure in which they might not want to return.
The trademark bellsparx musical hooks and melodies simply won’t leave you alone no matter how you try to shoo them away.
But beware…..This is not music for the weak hearted!! 90db plus at a distance of 50 feet is commonplace at a bellsparx engagement.
We look forward to your patronage!! See you soon!!!

 Hilfe-Popup Booking: Ralf Philipp

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