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1994, Crazy Dj of “Radio-Katusha” Stas Kunyavsky not being able to hold in his mad energy got together with a group of spacey soul mates and offered them to perform straight away on the stage of Ten Club with the impromptu show in the “Elvis Presley- James Brown-Tom Waits” style. “ I decided to form a rock-and-roll band, because I needed to do something with my extra energy” - says Stas.

The first half a year of the group being, stylish sound and eccentric behavior made it one of the most popular, entertaining and unpredictable club projects. Rock Fuzz magazine named Barbulators the year 1994 discovery and presented prizes in “Best Male Voice” and “Best Show” nominations

The influence of the 1950s music on the group grew more and more strong. And starting from 1996 Barbulators equip with the contrabass, which adds hurricane slap to the highly explosive mixture of rockabilly, psycho, surf and ska. He following hits appear “Night in the Jungle”, “Vampa Twist” and ballads like “Jailbird Song”. The group takes part in various rockabilly and psycho music collections recordings. Barbulators perform on the same stage with the leading figures of psycho and rock as Meteors, Kingdom Come, and Quakes. They visit Kaliningrad, Moscow, Petrozavodsk, Yaroslavl, Helsinki and other cites with concerts

In 2002 in order to refresh the sound Barbulators choose a new trend which can be characterized as dance-metal and come up with a new program “Alien” with rough and energetic songs as “I’m An Alien”, “Are You Ready For Love” and lyrical “Million Of Light Years”. Besides the music new things appeared in the stage show as well. Famous master of body art Alexander Sergeev and pyrotechnics specialists worked with the group. At the premiere of the program in the Red Club it was prohibited to set anything on fire but the performance of the band threw the bomb into the audience

Detailed and careful selection of musicians gradually gathered present day, thought to be the best members of the group-permanent leader Stas Kunyavsky, bass guitarist Stas Boytsov, guitarist Denis Ostashev and drummer Alexander “Gvozd” Tikhomolov.

Group members’ music tastes diversity leads to the symbiosis of various trends in their creativity from disco and funk to psycho and punk rock. It’s hard to characterize what Barbulators do in one word. It concerns not only the music but the show as well. Some 1950s and later hits are interpreted by the group in their own unique manner, for example “Crazy For My Baby”. The new concept makes an impact on the further creative search the direction of which is obvious from the new songs “Need You So Much Baby” and others.

One can get an impression that the group has found its own style, but Barbulators do not stop, they continue to change. Who knows what is next?

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